Available in Paperback and Ebook
DESCRIPTION: In this new book of poems from author Angelle Conant, she bares her soul and chronicles her first pregnancy full of ups and downs with wit, honesty and joy.  It contains insights and stories from the early days of waiting for a little blue plus sign all the way to the birth of her daughter and beyond. But it is more than just personal anecdotes – this book of poems is an essential companion on the journey that is pregnancy. It will comfort and enlighten while simultaneously normalizing all the changes that are taking place within a pregnant woman’s body, heart, and mind.

With each poem, an illustration shows the stage of pregnancy at which it was written. As the woman’s body on the page grows with new life, so does our understanding of a pregnant woman’s journey. In her unique and wise voice, the author speaks to the universal themes and experiences of bringing new life into the world. If you or someone you know is pregnant, this is the book for them.

This book also contains an appendix full of positive affirmations for pregnancy and motherhood that were created and used by the author.


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DESCRIPTION: The author has created over 20 bold and minimalist designs reminiscent of our childhood coloring books. These drawings were specifically designed to be easy & relaxing so your mind can focus on absorbing the affirmations as you color. Each page is unique in both design & affirmation and has the charm & beauty of hand-drawn illustrations.
“The words we tell ourselves are incredibly powerful. Every single one of these affirmations is true. Keep coloring until you believe it.” – Angelle Conant, Author

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