Hi! I’m Angelle Conant. Musician. Poet. Artist. Geek.

I live in the great state of Texas with my woodworking husband, tenacious toddler, and two wise cats. When I’m not making music or digging in the garden, I’m usually driving around in my L’Amour Art Car. You can also catch me watching Doctor Who, working on a DIY project or eating chocolate. Lots and lots of dark chocolate. This website and blog are all about my life, love and work here in the beautiful Lone Star State. Enjoy!

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“I love the power of stories to move us…To laugh, to cry, to feel, to heal, to change, to be better. We need them.” – Angelle Conant

“I write because stories shape culture and culture shapes our world. I write to make the world a better place.” – Angelle Conant

“LOVE has been my mission and guidepost…It is the thing that drives me, motivates me, moves me, and inspires me.” – Angelle Conant

“Love is, in my opinion, the reason we are here and a great balm for our weary souls.” – Angelle Conant

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